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How to Choose A Contractor




The most important process of choosing a contractor is a background check of past projects and references. This requires effort and time, but this bit of homework will pay off in the major investment you are about to make!


Here are several steps to help you in your endeavor:


  • Ask for lists of jobs similar in function, size and/or style to your project. Then contact the owner and architect as well as subcontractors and suppliers.


  • Visit the project to note quality of work.


  • Inquire if the general contractor gave prompt, satisfactory attention during the warranty period.


  • Look for repeat clients and/or architects on a job list.


  • Check the resumes/references on key personnel. "Hands on" field experience in extremely important in value engineering, scheduling, and problem solving.


  • Make sure you be will be able to contact the contractor's "decision maker"during the entire course of the project.


  • Investigate change orders. Change orders are not always contractor generated. Sometimes the contractor has been efficient enough, or through value engineering, has allowed the owner to increase the scope of the project.

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