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How to Choose An Architect




Choosing an Architect is similar to choosing a contractor. This choice requires time and effort, but the correct choice is just reward. A background check of past projects and references is important. Viewing completed projects is only the first step. You need to know what went on before the first shovel of dirt was turned until the completed project was presented for the owner's use.


Start at the beginning with questions like this:


  • Ask the architect to provide a list of ALL projects completed in the last three years and a complete list of projects similar to the one you propose. Ask for addresses and contact information.


  • Ask the owners of each project to evaluate the architect's ability to incorporate their expressed needs into a design that fits the designated budget.

  • Check with the general contractor on the project to see how well it's architectural management was during construction.


  • Were the actual plans and specifications produced accurately?


  • Were change orders due to errors in the plans or simply changes for the owner?


  • Did the architect and the engineers he employed inspect the project?


  • Would they use the architect again?


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